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CRM Comparison

Are you considering purchasing a cloud CRM software like Pipedrive or Salesflare?
Here are a few reasons to consider Funnel CRM instead…

funnelcrm pipedrive freshsales Salesflare Hubspot Spreadsheet gmail
funel pipedrive freshsales Salesflare Hubspot Spreadsheet gmail
Lead capture form
Move deals automatically
Auto profile creation
Send email via CRM
Change the language
Proposals / quotations
See “last reply by”
All attachments in one place
Email templates
20-minute response time
Pricing $10/user/m $15/user/m $19/user/m $35/user/m Free
(reporting for $200/m)
Free Free

*Last updated on Dec 07, 2018

Equip your sales force with the right tool

Your sales team don’t want to spend their time wading through messy spreadsheets, multiple tools, or over-bloated CRM solutions that slow them down. What they need is a sales CRM that understands their struggles and provides all the solutions they need—within the tool.

Funnel CRM gives your sales team everything they need to close more deals and improve their sales process, so your business can maintain & build better relationships and yield a greater return on investment.

CRM Software Comparison

An unbiased look at how each CRM solution stacks.

spreadsheet alternative


Spreadsheet Alternative

Still doing sales the old way? It’s time to switch to the best excel alternative.


Freshsales Alternative

Why look for a Freshsales alternative? Because expensive isn’t always better.

email alternative


Email Alternative

Unlike email, CRM helps you build long-term relationships to gain repeat sales.

pipedrive alternative


Pipedrive Alternative

Need an all-in-one solution?
See why Funnel is a perfect alternative to Pipedrive.

Salesflare alternative


Salesflare Alternative

Can’t add leads automatically? Try Funnel CRM, a popular alternative to Salesflare.

Hubspot alternative


Hubspot CRM Alternative

Don’t limit your sales team. Help them succeed with the best Hubspot alternative.

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