Built for all teams

Of course, every team works differently but Funnel CRM is designed
to work for all. So you can unite all your teams around a single suite
of sales software that integrates everyone’s data & processes.


CRM use case for roles

See where you fit.


Use case

CRM for Sales

Discover how salespeople are leveraging Cloud CRM


Use case

CRM for Operations

Know how operations can use sales CRM to their advantage.


Use case

CRM for Sales Management

See how managers monitor activities with sales CRM.

improve your customer support with funnel crm

Use case

CRM for Customer Support

Find out how Funnel CRM can make support efficient.


Use case

CRM for Customer Experience

Create a truly great customer experience with Funnel.


Use case

CRM for Marketing

Learn how Funnel CRM can help align your marketing.

CRM Use Case for Industries

See where your business’s processes & people fit.


Use case

CRM for Agencies

Funnel is a CRM for agencies that get your sales in line.

crm for real estate crm software

Use case

CRM for Real Estate

Close more deals with the best CRM for real estate.


Use case

CRM for Consultants

Scale your private practice with CRM for consultants.

best crm for freelancers

Use case

CRM for Freelancers

A perfect CRM for freelancers to win more projects.

crm for startup

Use case

CRM for Startups

A simple & affordable CRM for startups to grow faster.

crm for small_business

Use case

CRM for Small Business

Use the best CRM for small business to compete & thrive.

crm for sales Professionals

Use case

CRM for Sales Professionals

Top your sales targets with the best CRM for salespeople.

crm for SaaS

Use case

CRM for SaaS Companies

Boost customer onboarding with CRM for SaaS companies.

crm for insurance agents

Use case

CRM for Insurance Companies

Better attract & retain clients with CRM for insurance agents.

Pricing starts from $10 Only

There's a good chance you will recuperate the cost of implementing Funnel CRM
within the first few days by streamlining the sales workflow & saving your team's
time in admin tasks

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