Never miss closing a deal, or following up with a customer again.

  • Receive work inquiries through a contact form.
  • Manage customer information like a CRM.
  • Send professional proposals via email.

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Funnel is an easy-to-use, simple tool that can help your small business or freelance practice without the bloat of features popular and complicated systems bring.

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Create contact forms.

Use our simple form builder to create contact forms. Paste the code you get into your website, done.

Track your deals.

Contact form submissions create deals that are placed in a sales funnel, instead of a messy inbox. Know when your messages have been viewed by your customers.

Send proposals.

Awe your customers with professional, well formatted proposals. Multiple currencies supported.

Keep track of your customers.

Funnel builds and maintains your contacts database, based on the information they provide through the contact forms. No effort required.

Communicate from Anywhere.

You can use your favorite email client or mobile phone to reply to your customers, instead of logging in to Funnel only to send a message. Meanwhile, your inbox is secure, as Funnel never accesses it.

Funnel is not in any way affiliated with Google™. Funnel uses Google's service to retreive your account information and to log you in securely. No one at Funnel can access your inbox or any other part of your Google account.

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Who is using Funnel?

Funnel is a tool anyone who receives work inquiries from their website could benefit from. Take a look at how some professions and practices can use Funnel to their advantage.

Whether you run a small business, or if you are a solo freelancer, if you have a website with a contact form, Funnel can help you be as efficient as possible with your sales process.