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We had an ongoing problem with handling work inquiries coming mostly from our own website. We would either lose track of them because they would just drift down into the depths of our inboxes or forget to follow up on deals we didn’t receive a reply on.

We figured all this trouble can be solved — at least to a point — with an app that would have the following basic feature set:

  1. a simple form for capturing leads, similar to a contact form many sites have,
  2. a centralized place that would allow us to process these leads, that was not in our email inboxes, potentially lost or forgotten about among other email,
  3. a way to communicate with our customers through the app, as well as through standard email,
  4. ability to put together and send professional proposals as we couldn't be bothered to create PDFs each and every time someone wanted an estimate,
  5. an address book that consisted of profiles of people that contacted us, but one that we could add to manually as well.

So we started building funnel and this was a monumental event for us as it quickly proved that we were on the right path with this adventure. The system had its kinks and we worked them out over time, but it made an enormous difference in the way we handled deals with potential customers.

There was an unmistakable spike in the number of deals we closed. Then another interesting thing happened: people started asking about it.

This is when we kind of began to think we were on to something, and started entertaining the idea of opening up Funnel to other people.

What we believe in.

Our promise.

Delivering reliable, quality service to customers is our priority

We like to think that we will succeed as a business if we create a quality product that speaks to people, and that solves a real-world problem. Hopefully people will find value in what we do and decide to support us by paying for the service that we provide.


Muhammad Gohar Shafique



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