CRM for freelancers

As a freelancer, your skills are your jobs but your business is people. This demands a set
of skills that are beyond what’s needed for your next gig. A CRM for freelancers can help you with
activities that are key to the success of your freelance practice such as contact management, lead
nurturing, pipeline management, customer interactions, data automation and much more.

Build with freelancers in mind

Why freelancers should invest in cloud CRM?

Automate manual work & free up time for sales.

Grow and manage your contact base with ease.

Sort contacts in seconds with various tags.

Create & send quotes in a few clicks.

Build & embed lead forms without coding.

Use a simple solution to export data.

Get repeat & referral business from ex-clients.

Seamless integration with the preferred tool.

No learning curve. Get started in minutes.

Your competition is winning with CRM solution. What about you?
Still losing deals??

of leads never convert because of poor documentation.
freelancers never follow up with a prospect they didn’t receive a reply from.
of internet leads are
wasted as freelancers
fail to use a CRM.
of professionals listed manual data entry as the greatest challenge.

Funnel CRM + freelancers

What do users say about Funnel CRM?


"Incredibly easy to use. I can see all my leads, deals, interactions, and customer data in one place. Now I don’t have to bum around to figure things out."

Alex P Smith (Freelance Software Developer)

Simple & powerful

“Funnel CRM is a simple, yet powerful tool. Thanks to it, all my sales data is now streamlined and easier to act on. Highly recommended. ”

Dilip Manahor (Freelance Accountant)

Intuitive & customizable

“Excel spreadsheets were instantly ditched the minute I discovered Funnel CRM. The intuitive interface & customization made me fell in love with it.”

Arnold Bernadine (Freelance Copywriter)

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