CRM for Sales Professionals

Unlike traditional CRM, Funnel CRM was not developed by some techies with a vague idea of
what sales professionals might need in a cloud CRM. Not only such software weigh down salespeople
with data entry but also provide little to nothing in return for their labor.

Build with sales professionals in mind

Why sales professionals should invest in cloud sales CRM?

Speed up your sales cycle in no time.

Capture leads 24/7 without even trying.

Never miss following up with a customer again.

Send & receive emails via CRM to save the hassle.

Automate manual data entry & repetitive stuff.

Send professional invoices in seconds.

Centralize your customer & prospect information.

Use one stack of tools to save time and money.

Collaborate with team to improve performance.

Your competition is winning with CRM. What about you?
Still missing your sales goals?

of salespeople’s time is wasted on manual work.
of marketing leads are never followed up by sales.
of reps miss targets owing
to poor documentation.
of sales teams have no process of nurturing leads.

Funnel CRM + Sales Professionals

What do users say about Funnel CRM?

Increase sales drastically

"Since adopting Funnel CRM we have increased our sales by 43% and shorten our sales cycle by 14%. And it’s no coincidence for a business like us. "

Stella McCartney (Sales Manager, MKG Co.)

Visibility of sales data

“The clarity and visibility of data have made a huge difference in the sales process. It’s much easier to focus on key opportunities rather sorting tables & tables of data.”

Zeli Scagliarini (Sales Professional)

The best CRM

“I’ve been leading industrial sales teams for a long time and used several CRM solutions like Salesflare, Fresh sales, etc. I would say Funnel is by far the best CRM.”

Imran Jaferey (Head of Sales, HK Inc.)

Still not sure if Funnel CRM is the right fit for your sales profession?

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