CRM for support

For any business, the priority is to have a crystal clear picture of its business relationships
at all touch points. Whether it’s lead, first contact, sales pipeline conversion, up-sells
or after-sales service. And that’s where Funnel CRM comes in.

Build with customer care in mind

Why your customer support team should use cloud sales CRM?

Customer interactions give valuable insights.

Find the desired information in seconds.

Resolve customer issues in quick time.

View in-depth client information on-the-go.

Pull out data to improve response time.

Use communication data to evaluate reps.

Use CRM data to identify training opportunities.

Compare interactions to bring consistency.

Organize all your data into one secure platform.

Your competition is winning with CRM. What about you?
Still ignoring customers??

billion were lost to 2017
due to poor support.
of unhappy customers don’t do business with you again.
of people make a switch after a poor experience.
of customers shift for better customer experience.

Funnel CRM + Support

What do users say about Funnel CRM?

Fastest way to resolve problems

"For Hermanos’s support team, Funnel CRM is the fastest path to the right answer."

Avinash Kaushik (CSM, Hermanos)

One integrated solution

“Now all our customer inquiries are captured and organized in place, which is super easy to access.”

Ruben Rodriguez (CCL, Desde)

One location for everything

“Now we have a centralized place to see all our customer interactions in fell swoop.”

James Moore (CIMS, Y Hub)

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