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Compare Funnel CRM & Email side by side and choose the best solution that fits your needs.

Funnel CRM vs emsil Email vs Funnel CRM
Store contacts’ details
Manage high volume data
Manage growing sales team
Establish sales process
View sales pipeline
Manage leads
Send emails
Control data access
Create tasks & activities

Funnel vs Email

Why high-performance teams prefer a sales CRM over email?

Funnel CRM


Better data storage

Unlike email, CRM helps users to maximize their storage usage without transferring data or spending extra bucks to increase storage.

Limited data space

When it comes to emails, electronic data storage can limit your sales efforts. Especially, when large attachments are widely distributed.

Keeps management in the loop

Funnel CRM empowers management to track and monitor their sales teams’ activities by giving them the rights to oversee the activities.

Bypasses chain-of-command

The ease of sending emails disrupts the standard review processes for HR-related issues as it bypasses the established chain-of-command.

High data security

Unlike the so-called email CRM, Funnel works as a secure data center. It prevents anyone outside your company from having access to your data.

Potential data breaches

Data security can be tough to maintain when you are using email as a sales solution. Sensitive data can be easily shared through this medium.

Scalable solution

A smart executive will always go with an email alternative like a sales CRM because it can grow in conjunction with the company.

Hard to scale

In contrast, email can put your team in a tight spot as it’s hard to scale and doesn't allow them to sort or filter deals once your business starts to grow.

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