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Compare Funnel CRM & Freshsales side by side and choose the best CRM software that fits your needs.

Funnel CRM vs Freshsales Freshsales vs Funnel CRM
Auto profile creation
Move deals automatically
Send email via CRM
Lead capture form
Proposal generation
Live chat support
Zero learning curve

Funnel CRM vs Freshsales

Why successful sales teams prefer Funnel CRM over Freshsales?

Funnel CRM


One hassle-free solution

What can you get for $10? Perhaps a coffee! Funnel CRM gives you all the necessary tools & processes you need to close more deals for just $10.

One expensive stack of tools

Sadly, Freshsales users have to subscribe to the $49 plan to avail the tools that Funnel CRM users are getting for $10. Need I say more?

Easier to use & setup

With Funnel CRM, you don’t need to hire an implementation coach or go through rigorous training to embrace the software.

Difficult to set up & use

Freshsales requires you to undertake the training before you can actually get started with it, once implemented.

More automation

Funnel CRM is one of the best Freshsales alternatives. Know why? Because it truly automates your work. It even moves your deals automatically.

Manual labor

The CRM bond its users to perform a certain set of actions before it actually triggers automation. This means you get to move the deals manually.

Simple & powerful

Growing businesses don’t need a high priced overly bloated CRM to manage their sales processes. So why waste time and money?

Overly bloated

Freshsales is a perfect fit for big companies that have complex workflows & require intricate functionalities to bolster their efficiency.

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