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Compare Funnel CRM & HubSpot CRM side by side and choose the best CRM software that fits your needs.

Funnel CRM vs HubSpot Hubspot vs Funnel CRM
Auto profile creation
Visual sales pipeline
User access levels
Lead assignment rules
Automate manual work
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Funnel CRM vs HubSpot CRM

Why smart teams choose Funnel CRM over HubSpot?

Funnel CRM

HubSpot CRM

Automates manual tasks

Reducing manual work is a pressing problem for sales reps. Funnel CRM reduces this load by automatically creating contact profiles.

Prolonged repetitive manual work

HubSpot lacks the ability to create contact profiles, which means you get to manually create profiles every time a new lead or contact is added.

Pipeline without bottlenecks

Last reply by” is one heck of a feature in Funnel CRM that lets you spot stale deals, so you can take the right actions and push them toward closing.

Pipeline with bottlenecks

With Hubspot CRM, you don’t get a 360° view of your prospects. So you fail to understand them better and end up losing the deal.

Send invoices in seconds

Know what makes Funnel CRM the best HubSpot alternative? It allows you to create and send professional quotes and invoices in seconds.

Invoice rests with account dept.

Using HubSpot CRM means invoice-sending power rests with your accounts & they have to generate PDFs every time you need an estimate.

Tag any record in CRM

Tagging solution in Funnel CRM enables users to tag any record so they can quickly filter out the desired contacts based on their job titles, location, etc.

No tagging whatsoever

The popular CRM on the market does not incorporate tags of any kind. So you won’t be able to easily sort, filter and segment target contacts.

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