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Compare Funnel CRM & Pipedrive side by side and choose the best CRM software that fits your needs.

Funnel CRM vs Pipedrive Pipedrive vs Funnel CRM
Auto profile creation
Send email from CRM
Proposals / quotations
All attachments in 1 Place
See “last reply by”
20-minute response time

Funnel CRM vs Pipedrive

Why top sales teams prefer Funnel CRM over Pipedrive?

Funnel CRM


Truly unlimited storage

Funnel CRM is an ideal alternative to Pipedrive as users can enjoy unlimited storage on all plans and maximize their sales efforts.

Insufficient data storage

Using Pipedrive, limited data storage (Silver 2GB, Gold 5GB) can restrict your sales efforts, especially when large attachments are frequently distributed.

Move deals automatically

Funnel CRM automatically moves your deals to the new stage as soon as you perform an action like start negotiations or send a proposal.

Move deals manually

In contrast, Pipedrive doesn’t help you reduce the tedious manual tasks as users have to manually move the deals to other stages.

Built-in solution

With Funnel CRM, you get an in-built proposal builder that lets you generate and send custom quotes or invoices in seconds.

Clunky integration

With Pipedrive, sales teams have to rely on clunky third-party integrations to send proposals to their clients.

Never miss an opportunity

Funnel CRM’s “Last Reply By” mini-feature lets you spot stalled deals, which allows you to take necessary actions and drive them to a close.

Missing business opportunities

With Pipedrive, you don’t get a 360° view of the sales funnel. As a result, you fail to spot and bring stalled deals back to life.

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