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Compare Funnel CRM & Saleflare side by side and choose the best CRM software that fits your needs.

Funnel CRM vs Salesflare Salesflare vs Funnel CRM
Auto profile creation
Move deals automatically
Send email via CRM
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Proposal generation
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Funnel CRM vs Salesflare

Why intelligent teams favor Funnel CRM over Salesflare?

Funnel CRM


All-in-one solution

A truly all-in-one CRM give your sales reps everything they need to crush their sales quota. And Funnel CRM exactly do that for you.

Switching tools every sec.

Salesflare lacks the necessary tools reps need to achieve your sales goals. So they have to rely on scattered solutions which kills their productivity.

More automation

With Funnel CRM, data entry days are over. The smart CRM automates tedious tasks so instead of entering data you can focus on selling.

More data entry

Salesflare expects you to create contact profiles by default. This clearly suggests it isn’t designed to free up your time for sales activities.

Effective lead nurturing

The “Last Reply By” functionality in the Salesflare alternative lets you see where a relationship left off and what it takes to compel them to buy from you.

Lack of lead nurturing

With Salesflare, your sales team can only focus on the ‘good leads’ because it lacks the functionality that highlights stale deals and tough prospects.

Real-time messaging

Funnel CRM lets you build better relationships by allowing you to connect with prospects from within the app as well as email.

No instant messaging

Sure, a call can do the job. But, what if you are on the move and want to send a quick reply to someone’s email?

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