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Compare Funnel CRM & Spreadsheets side by side and choose the best solution that fits your needs.

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Funnel vs Spreadsheet

Why people prefer a sales CRM over spreadsheets?

Funnel CRM


Features you need

Funnel CRM will seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow and streamline your sales process to improve productivity.

Lack necessary features

Spreadsheets lack the necessary features to organize a sales process which can be a huge drain on the business’s resources.

Simple, straightforward UI

Funnel has an interface that isn’t complex at all. It’s pretty straightforward and provides quick access to all the features.

Unorthodox user interface

Spreadsheets have an unorthodox UI that isn’t designed to meet the needs of a sales business, which limits the users’ activities.

Reporting is easy

Get instant access to all the sales activities and create progress reports in a matter of minutes. So you can focus on the bigger picture instead of the tedious tasks.

Reporting is painful

It's painful & time-consuming to find relevant data in spreadsheets. This makes it tough to figure out how well you’re converting and how you're sales are doing.

Scalable solution

A smart business owners will always go with spreadsheet alternative like a sales CRM because it grows in tandem with the organization.

Hard to scale

It’s hard to manage more leads and customers with a free solution that has limited capabilities. Choose a solution that grows with your company.

Still fancy spreadsheets?

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